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Neeta Paul emigrated to Canada as a teenager with a determination to return to her roots as soon as possible. The return after a few years was the journey of her dreams. She remembered the bright colours of the South Asian fabrics and dreamt of reworking the somewhat drab colours used for fashion in the clothing boutiques she owned in Montreal. However the India she returned to was very different from what she remembered it to be.

Neeta found it heart warming to see the Indian fashion industry mushroom. She felt that the tradition of Indian design has brought out centuries of proven wisdom and that the infusion of modern fabrics and fashion from around the world. She has been instrumental in creating a wave of fashion consciousness.

Neeta Paul is one of the most recognized fashion designers, whose creations are a fusion of East - West ethnic designs both formal and informal, specializing in bridal wear. Her specialty of wedding trousseau planning renders exquisite pieces honoring the ceremonial India wedding tradition.


Neeta Paul introduces her beautiful and elegant design at three locations, New Delhi, India; Edmonton, Alberta and Surrey, British Columbia. The newest collections arriving in her boutiques daily reflect these higher standards in a pure and true form. The tailored clothing utilizes the finest fabrics, materials and intricate details. Each piece is proudly presented to reflect her high and defining standards.


With no formal degree in fashion clothing, Neeta has learnt styling from her surrounding and upbringing in Canada. She feels that Indians should learn from the West about their practical approach towards designing. While, the West can learn the Indian traditional and modern embroidery, which is extremely rich. After being in Canada for around two decades and opening a studio in Delhi. Neeta is bringing her design sensibility and stylish collection in a new form for the Indian youth and fashion conscious population on October 27, 2012 at Sainik Farms, New Delhi.


With the opening of her store she will also launch her new line of clothes "it is going to have just about everything for today's Indian women. There are suits, sareers, dresses, tees ... a complete pret line that the young crop would love. And my fashion is affordable.

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